Thursday, November 9, 2017

Assalamualaikum WBT/ and a very good morning to all.

Salam Negaraku Malaysia

Thank you for inviting me/ to deliver a keynote speech at this significant  gathering of Huawei Asia Pacific Innovation Day. As Mr Guo Ping mentioned earlier/ some 200 key industry figures and policy-makers/ in digital economy and transformation/ both local and international/ are here for this event. To those not from Malaysia ‘Selamat Datang’ and please share with us your thought on how we could thrive in the sector and for fellow Malaysians, this is an opportunity for us to learn and exchange views from those who are three or four steps ahead of us.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Innovation has always been the driving force for the development of mankind Steam engine electricity and information technology enabled technology explosion in the past 150 years. Now the fourth industrial revolution is leading us to an era full of challenges as well as opportunities. It is estimated that in the next 10 years the communication traffic will increase by 10 times or more. Intelligent devices/ yes it will be known as intelligent devices and no more smart devices will increase by 470%. 85% of enterprises meanwhile/ will adopt artificial intelligence and most importantly the upcoming 5G technologies with a speed of 10 gigabits per second will make the 100 billion connections possible.

All these innovative technologies will have a significant impact on the economy. It is estimated that a 20% increase in ICT investment/ will result in 1% of GDP growth of a country. The worldwide digital economy has been growing at an impressive rate of 10% annually which is more than triple the rate of overall global economic growth. For Malaysia the figure is even higher/ where technology empowered digital economy is already contributing to 18.2% of the GDP/ and is on the right track to contribute to 20% of the GDP by twenty twenty (2020).

Ladies and gentlemen,

As Malaysia aspires to become among the top 20 nations in the world embracing technology-empowered digital economy is the key to Malaysia’s transformation marching towards year twenty fifty (2050). In our twenty eighteen (2018) budget which was tabled two weeks ago technology innovation and digital economy development have been given much emphasis to take the nation to greater heights. A total of RM 245 million under the Domestic Investment Strategic Fund has been allocated to upgrade Smart Manufacturing services and this is aimed at supporting investment and business activities under the fourth industrial revolution.

The government has also allocated RM 83.5 million for Phase One of the Digital Free Trade Zone or DFTZ in the Aeropolis at Sepang. I’m more than pleased to see that last week almost two thousand SMEs have embarked on their export journey via the DFTZ which is a significant step in making SMEs to contribute 41% of the GDP in the future. However let’s do not forget, that currently many SMEs are still using basic social media tools to promote and trade their goods and services which is still far from the the estimation that 85% of enterprise applications will be cloud-based by twenty twenty-five (2025). I hope these new initiatives will give a significant boost to make the SMEs to be full-fledged on digitalisation.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Digital economy is not only about providing an easier platform for Malaysian entrepreneurs to conduct business. It is also about leveraging the latest technologies to provide better lives to the people and a safe environment is the foundation of it. As public safety is being impacted by digital transformation public safety has to transform itself too. New technologies such as high definition CCTV system as well as command center and advanced police communication system should be used widely.

I’m delighted to share with everyone here that MIMOS Malaysia’s National Research & Development Center for ICT has been working closely with Huawei to develop advanced video and facial analysis system. As video surveillance is an essential part of a security system I hope this venture will see Malaysia having a system so intelligent that it can trace and analyse moving objects in video feeds detect abnormal behaviours and generate alarms for the authorities to take the appropriate measures. With this high-risk behaviours can be prevented in advance rather than after an incident had occurred. I am excited about it and I am sure that the entire nation is also looking forward to such system.

While we are on the topic about innovation and better lives we must also constantly remind ourselves that innovation should not be misused. When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876 I am sure it was not meant to spread lies, hatred, rumours, and fake news. I am saying this because I know we can live better without hatred surrounding us and fake news and lies that are being told repeatedly. We should view with great concern on how modern innovation such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, are used, or rather misused to spread lies and hatred and unverified news that sent fire engines to a place where there was no emergency situation at all/ and rumours that caused suspicious or worst mistrust between communities or among races.

Ladies and gentlemen

Malaysia is already on the trajectory to become a high-income nation and we have begun our journey in digital transformation. The government has tabled the plan to increase the broadband speed of up to between 20 megabits per second in the rural areaand 100 megabits per second in the urban areas by twenty twenty (2020). That is fast because surveys have revealed that a mere one mbps is needed for basic online activities such as sending and receiving e-mails. For streaming full HD videos 10 mbps are sufficient while Skypes requires at least 1.5 mbps. I am just sharing my thought about the quest for higher Internet speed because sometimes we don’t need to buy faster packages that we don’t really need.

The government has also allocated RM 1 billion in the twenty eighteen (2018) budget through MCMC to develop broadband and communication infrastructure in Sabah and Sarawak for the development of digital economy. I hope with more investment coming in our ICT infrastructure is able to support industry digital content cloud services and big data analytic for SMEs and different vertical industries to give more competitiveness in the future.

Ladies and gentlemen

Through TN50 framework we envision Malaysia to be a top 20 nations in economic development social advancement/ and innovation. There is no short cut in achieving this. We acknowledge the importance of innovation and have taken several initiatives to spur innovative mentality among the people. On our part/ we would soon see Value Innovation Centre or VIC in ministries and government’s agencies as announced by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak two days ago. These VICs would allow breakthrough in innovation to happen at a rapid rate/ in a wider scope/ and consistently. The centres would be headed by Chief Innovation Officers. Ministries and agencies should immediately start working on this/ as innovation is among the cores in TN50.

Ladies and gentlemen,

To be in top 20 there is no short cut in achieving this. It requires dedication hard work commitment and perseverance not just by us in the government but everyone in Malaysia. In this era of digital competition between all is intensifying. To hold the future is not about who you win against but who you will unite with. It is easy to forget that all of us are working to serve one main goal that is digital transformation for a digital economy. To reach our goal we sometimes need to look beyond ourselves to help contribute to the success of others. Don’t forget to remember that we are stronger together than we are apart.

There is a Chinese proverb to depict this It says one person working alone can work fast but a team of people working together will get more done’. I encourage more industry leaders Huawei included of course to join hands and contribute more towards the development of an open and healthy industry ecosystem for digital economy in Malaysia. I am excited to see Malaysia thrive in the new digital environment/ and as I stand here today. I would like to invite you with me in this journey. We can make it happen and what better way than to do it together. Let me iterate that dedication hard work commitment and perseverance are keys to our success in this era of digital. Thank you Huawei for organising this event and in sharing your technologies and experience with Malaysia.

Ladies and gentlemen

Those were my thoughts on fostering digital economy and exploring digital transformation// I wish you all a successful conference/ and hope that the learning from today will benefit all of us in the future

Thank you