Deputy Prime Minister's Office

I note today's statement by the Attorney General regarding the donations. The investigations that led to the Attorney General's findings were painstaking and comprehensive, examining every detail and piece of evidence. No one should question the competence or independence of Malaysia's institutions, or our legal process.

As has been made clear, there were no conditions attached to the donations, which were made to the Prime Minister personally out of belief in him and his leadership on key issues. I know this myself, having met the donor. It was the Prime Minister who chose to use the donations for the benefit of our party and at-need communities around Malaysia.

As politicians, we are prepared to be attacked by opponents who want to damage our reputations with false allegations in order to replace us. However, it is wrong to damage the reputation of the government and the country for personal political gain. National interest must supersede personal interest.

We have spent enough time distracted by this matter. I call on everyone to move on. Now we must unite and move forward under the Prime Minister's leadership for the betterment of Malaysia. He is the right person to lead us through the current global economic storm and the security threats we are facing. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016