Thursday, February 22, 2018

It gives me great pleasure to be here at the official launch of the inaugural International Exhibition on National Security for Asia 2018 or NATSEC Asia 2018 which will be held alongside the 16th Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference or DSA/ from 16 to 19 April 2018 here at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC)/ Kuala Lumpur.

First of all let me congratulate the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence and DSA Exhibition and Conference Sdn. Bhd. for organising the first NATSEC Asia 2018 which is set to become one of the region’s foremost national security shows in the future.I would also like to congratulate DSA Exhibition and Conference Sdn. Bhd. for their hard work which has enabled the DSA Exhibition and Conference to celebrate its 30th anniversary in the defence industry this year.


For the past 30 years DSA has gathered top-level policy-makers government experts captains of industry and relevant industry players to promote cooperation collaboration and exchange of ideas in the field of defence.The addition of NATSEC Asia 2018 this year will certainly expand DSA’s portfolio to better serve regional defence and security markets. NATSEC Asia will complement DSA by focusing on sectors and areas under national security including public order border control and counter-terrorism.

This makes it a one-of-a-kind event in the region and creates a favourable networking platform for synergistic business and government collaborations. Together NATSEC Asia 2018 and DSA 2018 are expected to attract over 100 exhibitors/ 350 foreign delegations from 45 countries and some 42,000 trade visitors from 70 countries. It is a ‘must-attend’ event/ for professionals working within the security organisations and agencies nationwide the biggest being the Royal Malaysia Police and the Malaysia Armed Forces as well as representatives from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Defence.

This is the biggest security and defence exhibition of the year and a unique opportunity to see and sample the current and future products and services needed for every aspect of national security. This event will also serve as a platform for the exchange of product and systems information pertaining to law enforcement agencies and companies of the industry in the region and throughout the world.


Today security is the top priority of not only Malaysia but also the rest of the world as issues such as terrorism and violent extremism shapes the current global policies agenda. Therefore we have to be prepared for the security challenges that may come from many fronts because of the security environment’s volatile and unpredictable nature.

In facing these global security challenges we also need greater coordination and integration between security and law enforcement agencies at the national and international level. Therefore apart from highlighting the region’s national security issues in the larger context of the global defence and security landscape it is also hoped that NATSEC Asia 2018 could act as the platform for industry players to showcase their cutting-edge technologies and products which in turn could push forward the continuous improvement of security system and equipment in the region.


New security technology plays a very important role in confronting current security challenges and if used responsibly it could make a difference in making the world a better and safer place. Thus/ security conference and exhibition is the perfect stage to promote market interactions and induce greater commitments. This will in turn benefit both parties demanding and supplying the security technologies. It will be great to see both sides winning because nations will be better protected and suppliers will be provided with the right market-driven incentives in innovating and developing the best security solutions.

Malaysia is committed to see the development of NATSEC Asia in providing not just market solutions to end-users of security technologies but also the intellectual solutions to policy makers. It is also my expectation that this event acts as a platform which could support the capabilities of enforcement agencies by providing the latest technology in security industry such as from the latest forensic IT systems to the state-of-the-art body armours. This event also provides the opportunity for participants to shape the opinions and direction of debate in internal security matters whether in the areas of technology procedures or policies.

Advancement of scientific and technological development is a key strategic factor to build capability in technology. Strengthening technological capability is always perceived as a crucial element in enhancing a country's productivity and at the same time to stay competitive. Malaysia's decision to embark on building its technological capability is related to the country's ambition to emerge as a fully developed nation by the year 2020.


Hosting NATSEC Asia 2018 is a proof of our commitment towards encouraging technological growth and exchange. Now Malaysia is moving from being an end-user to an active industry player in designing and manufacturing the latest security products. Hopefully in the future Malaysia will have its own internationally well-known security firms which are able to produce competitive technologies. In order to achieve this vision we need to boost our Research and Development programmes to match the needs. It is also our hope that NATSEC Asia 2018 will have spill-over effects into our economy. Malaysia has long been a favourite international destination for business and one of the strongest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) attracting nations in the region.

The Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia is actively engaging global corporate leaders from the US, China, India, Europe and the Middle East to invest in Malaysia. It is my hope that the business leaders who are in Kuala Lumpur for NATSEC Asia will see for themselves the vibrancy of our economy and choose to invest in Malaysia as well as help spearhead the development of security technology production in our local market.

I am confident that this event will be a crucial step in bringing together various stakeholders that could stimulate thought-provoking discussions and encourage effective synergies in our effort to counter security threats. I would like to extend our hearty gratitude to all the guests present at today’s Official Launching Ceremony and wishing the staging of NATSEC ASIA 2018 a complete success.

On that note and with ‘Bismillahirrahmanirrahim’ I hereby officiate the International Exhibition on National Security for Asia 2018.

Thank you